Video: Huskie Tools offers utility crews more compatibility with leading battery platforms


A popular and well-known name in the utility industry for 45 years, Huskie Tools has dedicated their mission to developing quality cable cutting and crimping tools. However in recent years, Huskie Tools has focused on a battery-agnostic platform for their tool lineup, which they showcased at The Utility Expo 2021. 


Through Huskie Tools' "power to choose" philosophy, Charlie Kelly, Vice President of Sales shares that the market has changed in recent years, highlighting a need among utility contractors for "consolidating battery platforms". Recognizing this need, Huskie Tools developed a "platform approach to battery products" offering multiple battery platforms to benefit the end consumer. Meaning, contractors can now choose the right product on the battery platform they are already used to using.

Historically, tool batteries have been unique to manufacturer brands and equipment models. Huskie Tools has taken a different position, being the only company in the utility tool marketplace that offers battery-powered tools in three different battery platforms, giving contractors the option to choose. Kelly informs that this helps remove the battery platform loyalty and purchasing barrier, as many times contractors have interest in their tools, but refrain from purchase as they have different tools and battery platforms already and don't want another set of batteries on the jobsite that are specific to one kind of tool. This helps the consumer focus solely on the tool quality, rather than if it's a fit for their existing equipment.  

With the goal of "meeting the customer where they're at", Kelly explains that they've found that "in order for customers to be able to use the product, they need to be able to get it on the battery platform they needed it to be on". Meaning, consumers are no longer expected to purchase batteries that are only compatible with a new set of tools. 

Kelly shared that the two battery platforms Huskie Tools supports are Makita and Milwaukee Tool. "Today, you can order three different platforms from Huskie: The Huskie Legacy platform, Makita, and Milwaukee". Kelly goes on to further explain that "each one of those tools is unique to that battery platform, so there's no tool that can accept all three different batteries, but each Huskie product is available for all three platforms". So there are more than 190 tools available across these three battery platforms, giving the consumer the power to choose and the ability to do their job regardless of battery platform. 

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