Video: Preview the Milwaukee M18 Fuel Utility Fencing Stapler



Milwaukee Tool featured their new M18 Fuel Utility Fencing Stapler at The Utility Expo 2021 in Louisville, Kentucky.


The new product is helping utility contractors solve problems associated with manually installing staples. “We recognized a large need with our utility end users in terms of ground wire installation," according to Brian Bunner, Associate Product Manager at Milwaukee Tool. "The majority of end users are often installing these staples by hand, which is a very labor-intensive, time-consuming process. We recognized an opportunity to take our world-class M18 battery and provide a powered solution that's going to minimize the amount of time and effort it takes to install these staples.”

The new M18 Fuel Utility Stapler also addressed health and safety concerns. The battery powered stapler takes away the repetitive motion of swinging the hammer which will reduce peak muscle effort in both the forearm and the bicep/triceps. The design reduces elbow strain and repetitive motion injuries. It also eliminates the risk of hitting the hammer on hands and staples bouncing off of the material, potentially causing injuries.

Designed with utility contractors in mindMilwaukee Tool M18 Fuel Utility Fencing Stapler

Bunner emphasized that this tool was specifically designed with the utility contractor in mind. Some unique things in the design are its long, thin handle, making it easier to use with leather or insulated gloves. A larger power button and depth of drive adjustment also make it easier to operate without taking off gloves. Additional features include a secondary safety lockout switch on the handle that allows users to manually lock out the trigger, and a lanyard loop to easily secure the tool when working at heights.

The M18 is very lightweight and easy to operate. “Depress the tip you'll see the light for the tool come on, and then as soon as you pull the trigger, you'll get a staple," explained Bunner. "There's no ramp up time between when you pull the trigger and when you get that staple. We've also provided a tool that works exclusively on our M18 batteries. It'll give you up to 600 staples on a single three-amp hour pack - enough for all-day run time."

Look for the M18 Fuel Utility Fencing Stapler in the summer of 2022.

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