Video: Bobcat R2-Series E35 Compact Excavator, as Seen at The Utility Expo 2021



Crowds at The Utility Expo 2021 in Louisville were the first to see the latest entry in Bobcat’s next-generation, R2-Series mini excavator lineup. The all-new E35 offers improved control feedback, fast cycle times and productivity increases in both digging and grading. And because it’s an R2-Series machine, the E35 features a new engine, a new cooling system and better over-the-side digging performance. 

Video: Bobcat design engineer, Elliot Stone, walks us through E35 compact excavator features


The E35 is a zero-tail-swing machine weighing in at 7,659 pounds and competing in the 3.5-ton size class of mini excavators. The machine is powered by a 25-horsepower engine. Bobcat E35 compact excavator

The E35 boasts 3,318 pounds of lift capacity and 7,284 pound-feet of bucket digging force. Maximum dig depth is 10.1 feet, while max reach is 17 feet.

Bobcat has also made improvements to the hydraulics on the E35, including upgrades to the control valve system for more consistent oil flow and smoother operation. Hydraulic flow is 16.9 gallons per minute at 2,987 psi.

An available option is a hydraulic clamp diverter, which allows operators to quickly move hydraulic flow between a clamp and other attachments. That way, you don’t have to remove your clamp whenever you’ve moved on to another job like breaking.

Bobcat has also implemented a new dual-flange roller system on the E35. The new design brings more steel and a larger amount of the undercarriage itself closer to the edge of the tracks.

The overall undercarriage design is wider and, as a result, slewing, lift- and dig-over-the-side performance has increased, and the overall ride of the machine is smoother.

Inside the cab of the E35, improving comfort was Bobcat’s primary focus. While the cab features automatic climate control and Bluetooth audio, even getting in and out of the machine is easier thanks to a redesigned structure with narrower side pillars.

Operating is more comfortable as well thanks to new joysticks that require less input effort. The cab’s narrowed pillars have also brought increased visibility and more glass on the sides and top of the machine.

A 5-inch display comes standard on the E35, but a 7-inch touch display is an available option.

Bobcat has also made improvements on the maintenance side of the E35 with improvements to the fuel and cooling systems.

The fuel filter itself is bigger and lasts longer, with two times the surface media. The fuel filter also features a clear water bowl and a sensor powering in-cab alerts for maintenance issues. Bobcat has also added a fuel pre-filter as well to screen diesel before it enters the tank.

Bobcat has also replaced the priming bulbs of the past with a fully self-priming system through a new lift pump.

The new cooling system on the E35 features side-by-side heat exchangers for more efficient air flow. Unlike the stacked cooling system found on older models, the coolers are now placed side-by-side, allowing for more fresh air to enter both sides equally, Bobcat says.

The Bobcat E35 is available now.