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It’s Halloween season, the perfect time to think about all of those haunting jobsite hassles that can turn your love for being a utility worker into an absolute nightmare. The good news is, there are all kinds of “treats” that can help make your job a little easier. The “trick” is finding them.

Here are 14 utility jobsite treats that can help turn your luck around this fall.

Milwaukee Tool linemen aerial tool apron 1. The Lineman's Aerial Tool Apron from Milwaukee Tool has 25 custom pockets to hold essential lineman’s tools including a flood light pocket, puncture-resistant knife pockets, and magnets to hold sockets in place. There is also a multi-sized auger holder that won’t burn through after extended jobsite use. Three D-rings provide even more storage options. Built-in weep holes allow for water drainage when working in inclement weather. Vinyl material and nickel-plated brass eyelets provide durability.

2. The ST800PGN service tester from Bierer Meters can identify bad conductors from the transformer to the meter base. It can also indicate the integrity of the neutral conductor to prevent excessive house-ground currents. Users can also locate both hot legs and neutral at the pedestal and/or transformer blocks, as well as bad connectors on overhead spans. The company says a six-month pilot project with a major investor-owned utility proves that this tester will save considerable time and money in the field.

3. Powerline warning systems from Sigalarm can function in two different modes. First, an automatic warning system can sense as little as 110V AC. Sigalarm then functions as a proximity alarm. The sensor antenna continuously detects the electrostatic field produced by all energized powerlines. The signal is amplified by the electronics on the main control unit. The system can be set to activate an audible and visual alarm anytime the boom comes within a preset distance of any energized powerline.

4. Waterproof cargo nets from Gladiator are made with weatherproofed, 1.5-inch webbing with reinforced edges atop heavy-duty 18-gauge vinyl, providing the perfect combination of durability, flexibility, and weather protection. These cargo nets are also UV-treated to withstand exposure to the sun. Multiple grommet attachment points provide versatility, helping utility pros safely secure different-size loads.

5. The Centaur XT from Argo is a lightweight, amphibious utility vehicle that allows emergency responders to go where other vehicles won’t let them. The smooth hydraulic skid steering system, patented suspension, and tubeless, ultra-low-pressure tires make it a truly go-anywhere machine. Plus, there’s no need to worry about flats because the huge 71-inch tires are self-inflating and take just 30 seconds to reach full pressure.

6. Youngstown's FR Ground Glove is not only arc-rated but is also resistant to heat, flames, punctures, and cuts. The secret is the “100% Kevlar fiber by DuPont” lining. That lining is attached directly to the leather for a more comfortable fit, free from sliding and bunching. The palm, fingers, and saddle are then reinforced with a second layer of leather for added durability. For extra comfort and dexterity, the 3D glove pattern form fits the hand.

7. This hi-vis pullover fleece sweatshirt from Bulwark provides a stylish way for utility pros to stay safe and warm on the job. Flame-resistant protection and hi-vis compliance provide peace of mind. Fleece material lined with a knit waffle provides comfort. For a snug fit on those really nasty days, there’s a three-piece hood with drawstring closure, along with a rib-knit cuff and waistband.Rosco Vision

8. RoadQuake portable rumble strips from PSS Innovations provide an efficient way to alert distracted drivers in work zones. This is a great solution for utility workers who often need to set up and remove safety gear on at least a daily basis. The company says a two-person crew can install an effective system in just minutes. The rumble strips are suitable in triple-digit temperatures and for speeds up to 80 mph. They are designed to work in the rain, too. And just because they’re temporary doesn’t mean they aren’t effective. PSS says they generate the same sound and vibration level as milled rumble strips.

9. Azuga Fleet offers tailored fleet management solutions for several mobile industries including utility. Specific tools help utilities and contractors monitor things like vehicle utilization, idling, geofencing, and driver behavior. Additionally, data-driven reporting helps utilities stay on top of maintenance scheduling, fuel consumption, hours of service logging, engine diagnostics, and more. Add all of this up and utilities can get to jobsites more efficiently, reduce downtime, limit liability and reduce costs.

10. Rosco Vision offers backup cameras and object detection systems for utility trucks. The STSK7965 backup camera system includes a 7-inch, full-color LCD monitor for easy viewing. The camera itself provides a 120° wide-angle view, and the 18 infrared LEDs provide crisp night vision. The BSSK4000 backup sensor system includes six sensors (four bumpers, two roofs), a driver display, and an ECU (electronic control unit).

11. Remote control solutions from Hetronic give users real-time control over truck functions, enabling utility pros to work safer and more efficiently. Hetronic transmitters come in handy when operating truck-mounted hydraulic equipment such as cranes, winches, vacuums, and hook loaders. The transmitters are ruggedly designed so users can maintain control even in harsh conditions. Utility pros have choices when it comes to the type of controls, too, from handheld and pistol-grip transmitters to multi-touch LCD displays.

12. Industrial Scientific’s Ventis Pro5 multi-gas monitor lets utility pros monitor up to five gases at the same time. Users can set custom alarms for up to five of the 13 most common gases: LEL (Methane), LEL (Pentane), Cl2, CO, CO2, H2S, HCN, NO2, NH3, O2, PH3, SO2, and VOCs. Additionally, automatic connectivity enables remote worker monitoring via cellular, Wi-Fi, or satellite. If there is an incident, you’ll know which workers need help, why, and where.

TuffTrax XL ground access mats13. TuffTrax XL ground access mats from DICA help utilities get where they need to go in wet conditions and on tough terrain. Mats are 13’6” x 6’8” and support up to 150 tons. The 2-inch-thick mats are strong and durable yet remain flexible and conform to the ground. Installation is simple, and the polyethylene material will not absorb water, rot, or splinter.

14. Tech Products 3D metal pole markers provide a long-lasting, professional look. Pole markers have raised, embossed copy. Markers are unpainted aluminum or brass and can be circular or rectangular with a rounded end. Pole plates have deep, embossed copy and a choice of 10 colors plus silver (unpainted aluminum or stainless steel). Cable and valve tags are embossed and unpainted, and custom shapes are available.

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