Video: PRECO Explains its Radar-Based Collision Avoidance Tech at The Utility Expo 2021

PRECO Electronics, now part of Sensata Technologies, showed off its blind spot monitoring systems at the Utility Expo 2021. Its PreView Radar Blind Spot Monitoring alerts drivers of obstacles around their vehicles, resulting in fewer rear-end and side blind zone collisions.

“Operators are ultimately in control of their equipment,” Nate Jensen, senior sales manager at Sensata says. “We saw a need in the market to create an exterior based alarm system that puts drivers in control to avert disaster.”

The technology uses a frequency modulated wave that blasts energy out and alerts drivers if there are obstacles within danger zones around their equipment so they can react accordingly. 

“In many cases, the utility industry operates in fast paced, highly populated environments full of distractions and potentially dangerous situations,” Jensen says. “Providing blind spot awareness to utility operators allows them to focus on the job at hand; increasing workplace efficiency and reducing potential accidents, vehicle downtime and legal repercussions.”

PRECO blindspot detection

The PreView Plus system integrates a camera and monitor with its PreView Radar system. PreView Plus supports as many as four cameras and 24 sensors per vehicle to provide up to 360º object detection. The in-cab mounted monitor provides drivers with visual information, color coded indicators and audible alerts.

With the radar and camera-plus-radar systems in place and fully operational, PRECO can prevent costly damage to people, property and fleet equipment; reduce maintenance and repair costs; and teach drivers to become more alert and proactive—without incurring extra training costs.

For vehicles traveling on high traffic urban roadways, the PreView Side Defender II provides protection for side blind spots. Side Defender II adds Vulnerable Road User (VRU) awareness to reduce the incidence of collisions with bicycles and motorcycles. PRECO’s PreView Sentry has been developed with a detection zone that compliments the confinements that often face vehicles in the utility industry. 

Sensata also has a wide selection of PreView camera/monitor systems to help ensure your fleet is FMVSS 111 compliant.

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