Video: Case unveils the largest CTL yet at Utility Expo 2021



Case Construction Equipment kicked off The 2021 Utility Expo in a big way. In the hours leading up the show Monday evening during a live streamed event, Case unveiled the monstrous TV620B.


Weighing in at a whopping 16,000 pounds, the new TV620B is 60 percent heavier than the TV450B, the former largest Case CTL. The 620 also adds adding 8 inches of length while only being a few inches wider to ensure attachment compatibility.

That extra weight is largely the result of the new extra large, heavy duty chassis design Case has implemented on the TV620B. The chassis shares a lot of components with Case’s 650M dozer and has ample steel reinforcement in high stress areas.

And with all of that size, comes added power. At the heart of this machine is a 114-horsepower engine that enables standard high-flow hydraulics rated at 41.6 gallons per minute and 3,450 psi. Case is also offering an enhanced high-flow option that ups the psi to 4,100.

Case TV620B at The Utility Expo

Plus, Case has made hydraulics control extremely easy through the 8-inch split screen cab monitor. Using that display you can switch auxiliary hydraulic flow between standard, high or enhanced high flow with a tap of the screen.

With this hydraulics setup, Case says it has been able to push into larger attachments. For instance, you’ll be able to use a 72-inch mulching head attachment.

I mentioned the added length of this machine and with that increase comes more track on the ground. In fact Case says the TV650B puts the most track on the ground of any CTL on the market with 74 inches. And at 17.7 inches wide, the machine’s ground pressure is limited to 6.1 psi which is pretty low for a machine of this size.

Case says this combination of power and low ground pressure make the TV620B a perfect fit for production-focused use cases in utility.

“I think this is a great fit if you have an existing right of way that needs to be cleared—or a new right of way,” said George MacIntyre, Case Product Manager for skid steers and CTLs. “You’re seeing in utility projects nowadays there’s needs to land clear those areas. This would be a perfect machine for it. Pipelayers that need to backfill miles and miles of trench; this would be the perfect machine for it. It’s got plenty of weight to be able to push the dirt back into the trench. Or to simply clean up an area where there’s a lot of trenching going on.

The TV620B is a vertical lift CTL with 140 inches of hinge pin height and 39 inches of reach, allowing the machine to go over and well into truck beds.

The loader arms on this machine feature a new inline design as well.

“We looked at some of our previous designs as well. The 95XT has a great reputation in the industry as well as the 465, which was the (CTL) model before the Alpha and B-Series for us,” McIntyre said. “And we wanted to go back to what more of those legacy machines offered at the time and with that was an inline straight loader arm linkage which doesn’t have the curve that goes down at the bottom end of the loader arms so that gives you great visibility to the bucket area and the coupler as well as it frees up space so you can easily flip over the cab while the loader arms are in the down position or the up position.”

Case says the TV620B has a simplified maintenance setup with regular check points are grouped into a single area under the engine compartment cover, easily accessible through the heavy-duty rear door. Plus, the machine features a standard auto reversible fan with on-demand operation, allowing you to set automatic intervals or instant fan operation to ensure clean cores and a cool engine and hydraulic system.

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