Putting Unmanned Systems to Work on the Jobsite



unmanned systems

Unmanned systems including drones, automated trucks and teleoperated machinery are increasingly being used at jobsites in the United States and around the world. From site surveys to hauling materials, the technologies are hard at work increasing efficiency, improving safety and saving companies money.

This technological revolution is being driven by data. Drones provide a tremendous amount of information that is proving invaluable for construction companies. Supporting software capabilities allow project managers to process and analyze the data creating 3-D models and maps that provide a new way to visualize projects. Access to this information improves communication on the jobsite, translating to thousands of dollars saved.

Drones have been used for everything from creating 3-D models of the historic St. Elizabeth church in Freiburg, Germany, to aid in its renovation, to helping manage the construction of a 45-story condo building in Hawaii.

Remotely Operated Equipment

Drones aren’t the only technology shaking up construction. Fleets of remotely operated dump trucks are being used for mining operations — for instance, Volvo Trucks has signed a deal with Norwegian quarry Brønnøy Kalk AS to provide autonomous vehicles for hauling limestone —and construction applications aren’t far behind.

While these technologies don’t currently operate without a human in the loop, teleoperation is one step closer to automated operations that will eventually increase productivity by eliminating human error and improve operational efficiencies reducing wear and tear on equipment. Other technologies include bricklaying robots that eliminate mundane tasks and allow skilled workers to focus on more complicated projects once the bricks are in place.

teleoperated machineryIntegrating Technology into Your Operations

Whether in the air or on the ground, the key driving factor for construction companies to integrate unmanned systems into their operations is improved efficiency and productivity. But getting started with the technology isn’t easy, especially for companies new to unmanned systems and the benefits they provide.

Rapid advances in technology are shifting construction and unearthing methods for increased efficiency, safer work environments and business accomplishments. As unmanned systems applications in the industry increases, new technology surfaces and new solutions are discovered, you won’t want to be left behind. 

What’s New in Unmanned Systems

In 2019, 8,500 technologists, regulators and users across commercial and defense sectors came together for AUVSI XPONENTIAL the largest, most comprehensive trade show for unmanned and autonomous systems.

As adoption spreads and applications expand, XPONENTIAL is the one event that brings together the entire unmanned systems community to share ideas, collaborate across markets, capitalize on next practices and emerging trends and harness the power of unmanned technology for your business.

Don’t miss out on the educational sessions devoted to the construction industry. Learn about key topics such as starting and scaling an enterprise drone program, data analysis, precision mapping, inspection, safety and compliance, BVLOS operations and more. Gain ideas, inspiration and insight from keynote speakers. After discovering trends and best practices, you’ll walk away empowered with the knowledge and power to elevate your business.

The XPO Hall is the center for cross-industry and cross-functional collaboration, networking and discovery of unmanned systems innovation. Special features in the XPO Hall help to facilitate your experience at XPONENTIAL. This year will showcase a number of companies making their XPONENTIAL debut–from groundbreaking platforms and technologies to innovative startups presenting the next generation of ideas.

Every year, XPONENTIAL attendees and exhibitors rely on networking events to help make the right connections and build relationships that will make a difference to how they do business. If you’re looking to build your network of construction professionals, you won’t want to miss one second.


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