Learn more about the industry best practices and guidelines for underground utility installation. Know your role and incorporate these practices into your daily procedures. Remember, safe operation saves lives.

Underground Utility Awareness 10 Myths

Myth 1
“Depths of utilities can be assumed.”

Locator depths are approximate. Depths of utilities absolutely cannot be assumed. Even within distances less than a city block, a utility may dip or rise in depth. The surface grade often changes, sometimes dramatically, since utilities were originally installed. Utilities are often installed before excavation, fill and development happen that can change the surface grade dramatically. Utilities must be exposed to verify location and depth.

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Underground Utility Awareness Roles

Manufacturers Role
  • Well-built machines designed to meet or exceed industry standards
  • Operators Manual
  • Training
  • Proper job-site checklists, guidelines, best practices
  • Understand customers’ needs on different jobsites

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