Priority Assignment Process

Priority Assignment Process

All exhibitors who submitted applications before August 12, 2022 will be placed in priority order during the priority space draw, taking place in early winter 2022.

To qualify to participate in the Priority Assignment Process, the Exhibitor must meet the following criteria:
  • Submit their space application by August 12, 2022
  • Submit their 50% booth space deposit
  • Have at least 10 priority points
Qualifying Exhibitor appointed contacts who submitted their space application by August 12, 2022 are invited to participate in the Priority Assignment space draw via telephone. All qualifying* exhibitors will get an email with their assignment date and time.

*Exhibitors with less than 10 priority points will not require a phone appointment. Show management will place these exhibiting companies in order of their priority number in the best available location. These booth locations will be communicated by December 2022.

Prior to the scheduled space assignment selection time, show management will share a live floor plan view that the contact can access by computer, phone or tablet at any time. The appointed contact will be able to view a live, up to date floor plan throughout the entire Utility Expo Assignment Process/Period and leading up to the show. Each exhibitor will have a limited amount of time to select their booth space during their appointed time.
If you cannot make your appointed time, please be prepared to have someone represent your company to make a selection. If an appointment should be missed, show management will assign your booth for you based on best available location.


The Priority Formula is used in a number of matters, including the assignment of exhibit space. It is as follows:
Years of Membership x 2 + Past Participation (SF) / 100 = Priority Number
  • Definition of Years of Membership - Show management chooses the company/division with the greatest number of years as an AEM member. An exhibitor must be a current member in good standing with AEM in order to have its years of membership used in calculating the membership number.
  • Definition of Past Participation Number - Show Management uses the total square footage purchased by an exhibitor for The Utility Expo 2021. If a company acquired another company(s), the parent company can use the newly acquired company(s) space.

Exhibitors Not Participating in the Priority Period

The priority period closes August 12, 2022. For all space applications received after this date, assignments will take place beginning in December 2022. All exhibitors will be assigned space on a first come, first served basis. Assignments will be done on an ongoing basis and communicated bi-weekly via email to the exhibitor contact.

Product Concentration Areas

Exhibitors will select space in their product concentration areas. The product category that is selected on the space application will determine the area you select space.

View the full list of product categories to ensure you have selected the correct product category.

View Product Categories

The goal of product concentration areas is to make it easier for attendees to locate products or services they are seeking.

Space Assignment Questions?

For questions specific to the priority assignment process, please contact The Utility Expo Customer Service at (414) 272–0943 or email